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Spain is known for its night-life and ancient history. You don’t have to go far, as you will find everything to have fun in Spain. Some of the beaches in Spain such as Mediterranean Coastline and Canary Islands are amongst the best beaches in the world. We at Spain visa agency based in the United Kingdom are there to make your dreams come true.

Rules and regulations for British citizen travelling for a short duration to Schengen countries have not changed much, even after the Brexit. British citizen does not need a visa if they are travelling to Schengen area countries for short duration with certain specific reasons to travel.

However, for people who come from different nationality and who reside in UK has to apply for a visa in order to enter and stay in Spain. But you have to prove that you have legal right to stay in UK, otherwise you have to go back to your native country and apply from there. We are supporting you to get Spain visa as early as possible with our basic, priority and super priority service and will provide you with all the details in as easy way as possible so that you will not be disturbed or confused with the process.